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Mar 11, 2018 Second Contacts for iOS is updated to 1.6.

Second Contacts for iOS (iPad)

“Second Contacts” is an app for organizing contacts. It shows a contact name with phones, emails, addresses at the top page. You can call or start writing email from the top page after checking the destination.

And “Second Contacts” can show and read QRCode which is formatted by a vCard. It is the best way of exchanging a contact.


Viewing type

The button at the upper-center is for selecting a viewing type from Phone, Email, Address, Instant Message and Social Network. When you select “Email”, a email address is shown together with the contact name.

You can launch Apple Mail by holding the touch on a email address on the screen.

Showing QRCode and save as My QRCode

When you touch the button “Create QRCode” in the Detail screen, QRCode will be shown for the selected contact. You can switch a QRCode format by touching the menu.

The “Save as My QRCode” is for saving the QRCode as “My QRCode”. It is used to show your QRCode instantly at the top screen.

Reading, showing and Exchanging QRCode

Second Contacts can read QRCode with various formats: vCard, Phone, Email, and some cellular career formats.

And you can exchange a contact via a QRCode.

The button at the upper-left corner of the top page will show a menu to select a way of using a QRCode.

When you select the “Read QRCode”, a new screen like as the left image will be shown. Please locate a QRCode inside the green square.

When a QRCode is read, your iPhone will vibrate and the “Confirm/Add/Retake” button is shown. The Confirm button shows you the result, and the Add button adds the contact into your iPad.

Exporting contact as vCard

You can export a contact as a vCard file to your iPad, iCloud folder and iCloud Drive.
There is a "Export to iCloud" mene in the detail screen. When you tap the menu, a preferred name is shown with a list of vCard files in your iPad and iCloud foler. If the name is OK, please top the "Export" button, then a action panel will be shown to select the destination: On My iPad, iCloud and iCloud Drive. When you select iCloud Drive, the next screen is shown for selecting a folder in iCloud Drive.

The Edit button at the upper right corner is for deleting an unnecessary vCard file.

Importing vCard

To import a vCard, please tap the center title at the title bar in the top screen. There are menus for importing vCard in the next screen.
When you tap the "Importing iCloud", a list of vCard files will be shown which you export to your iPad or iCloud. Please select a vCard and top the "Import" button, then the vCard will be imported to your contacts. Even if you already have the same name contact, the new contact will be added.

When you tap the "Importing iCloud Drive", the iCloud popover will be shown for selecting a file. When you tap a vCard file, the file will be added to your contacts.

Changing Layout at Landscape

There are options for changing the layout of the contact list.



The options are in the section of Second Contacts in the System Settings. You can change On/Off of a contact icon, the position of the icon, and the contact name alignment.

Silhouette Icon

Second Contacts has more than 200 silhouette icons. You can set a icon from the list as a contact icon. It will help you to distinguish the contact from others.